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Turkey Drumsticks

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Our Guarantee

We stand 100% behind our meat and eggs.  We think they are great, and know you will think so too.  If you discover upon opening your product that it is damaged, please contact us within five days of receipt.  We will either replace or refund the damaged portion at our discretion.  

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Beef Steak Trio

This steak trio is perfect for firing up the grill! T-bone, Sirloin and Rib Eye , Oh My!
$145.00 (7 - 8 lbs. average) Add to cart
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Reserve a Holiday Goose

$6.50 per pound       6 - 9 lbs. total
Reserve your Goose now for the Holidays. They will be ready in November.
$20.00 Deposit Add to cart
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Whole Turkey – Winter Surplus

We offer our winter surplus turkeys at a discounted price. They have been deep-frozen and will thaw with no odd taste or freezer burn. This is the perfect opportunity to roast some delicious sandwich meat or experiment with a new recipe!
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Beef – Ground

This box of ground beef contains 10 individually wrapped one pound packs of ground beef, perfect for your favorite spaghetti or grilled burgers.
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Beef Sampler

This sampler has a variety of great and useful cuts: Sirloin Tip Roast, Pot or Rump Roast, Short Ribs, Chuck Roast, T-Bone or Sirloin Steaks and Ground Beef.
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Turkey Ground Lt/Dk Blend

This mix of light and dark meat gives our Ground Turkey lots of flavor while still remaining very lean.  This box includes 10 individually wrapped one pound packs.
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Pork Ground

This box of ground pork contains 10 individually wrapped one pound packs.
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Turkey Smoked Sampler

Our Smoked Turkey Sampler is a rare treat! It includes Smoked Drumsticks, Turkey Jerky and a Smoked Breast which could be sliced for lunch meat!
$90.00 (8 lbs. Average) Read More
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Reserve a Lamb Share

FINAL PRICE = $4.50 LB. HANGING WEIGHT (less deposit)
  • Customer responsible for Cut & Wrap Fees - averaging $35 for whole.
  • Average hanging weight for whole lamb is 55 - 75 pounds.
  • Finished weight is about 70% of hanging weight.
  • Final price due upon pickup.
  • See below for Step by Step instructions.
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COMING SOON! $8 lb. You can reserve Rabbit now and we'll let you know when the first batch of the summer is available.
  • Small - 3lbs.
  • Medium - 3.5 lbs.
  • Large - 4 lbs.
  • XLarge - 4.5 lbs.
  • Jumbo - 5 lbs.
$24.00$40.00 COMING SOON! Select options
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